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About Perativ

Who we partner with

We partner with retail bank executives and managers facing the challenges of rising cash distribution costs. Those who recognize that while overall cash use is declining, cash still remains important to satisfy customer demand, and improving forecasting alone is not enough.

ATM Cash. TCR/TCU Cash. Branch Cash. Forecasting. Delivery/Return Reconciliation. Treasury Float Management. If you or your teams have these responsibilities, you have likely optimized your forecasting and yet, your costs remain stubbornly high. You need a breakthrough. You need Perativ8.

Who we are

Perativ is a leading financial technology SaaS platform that combines analytics, AI automation and ATM operations to deliver new thinking on cash distribution for financial institutions. Our solution will drive down costs and delight customers with accessible cash. Perativ is a proven platform that is actively driving savings on thousands of ATMs today. Put Perativ to work to drive millions in savings for your cash distribution network.

What we do

The cost of cash distribution continues to rise while demand for cash remains steady or declines. This dynamic puts pressure on financial institutions to re-think traditional management of cash distribution networks to achieve breakthrough cost savings and value. It is a daunting challenge. Perativ can help.

With Perativ solutions, you will:

Eradicate silos
Eradicate silos
Modernize your operations
Modernize your operations
Optimize your cash
Optimize your cash

As cash optimization experts, we help you manage the complexity of cash distribution so that you can focus on positioning your business for future growth. You continue to work with your preferred CIT providers and device services providers. Perativ helps you manage the system and drive costs down. Perativ has the dynamic solutions you need to delight your customers by making cash accessible where and when they need it, and affordable to you.

Our purpose is to make cash accessible and affordable. We do that by delivering a leading global platform to maximize cash distribution points and minimize cash distribution costs.

Making cash more accessible for consumers:

Perativ supports over 11,000 cash distribution points to ensure cash is accessible to consumers where and when they need it, helping to protect their right to choose how they want to pay.

Making cash more accessible for banks:

Perativ drives down the cost of cash distribution, while continuing to delight customers with convenient access to cash.

Our promise

We deliver on our company’s purpose to make cash accessible and affordable through:

Educating bank executives and managers on how to rethink the cost of cash distribution by using Perativ to eradicate silos, eliminate data lags and drive millions in value.

Partnering with banks to implement Perativ’s managed solution to optimize their cash distribution network through a strategic consultative approach, while retaining their preferred CIT and device service providers.

Delivering results including 30-40% less cash required in float, 20-30% less CIT visits/costs, and 75-90% less FTE in your cash distribution network.