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S4 E244

Guest: Chris Chandler - President and CEO, Perativ; Cash Optimization Experts

With Host: Ashutosh Garg- Founder, The Brand Called You

In today's episode of The Brand Called You, Chris Chandler, President and CEO talks about the importance of cash optimization. He also talks about various aspects of banking via ATM machines and how the pandemic has affected the system.

Topic(s) Breakdown:

  • The career journey of Chris Chandler
  • About Perativ
  • The meaning of cash optimization
  • Cash optimization.What are some of the challenges a lot of businesses face?
  • With so much digitization happening, do you see a decline in brick-and-mortar banking, through branches?
  • How will digital currency impact physical cash?
  • Perspective on digitization of the economy

  • Cashless economy or will cash continue to be king?
  • Providing perspective on the economics of setting up an ATM Alternative uses coming up for ATM machines
  • How has the pandemic impacted the business of ATMs and cash?
  • What are some of the challenges and learnings as you're pivoting your own company?

  • Three key milestones in your life or your career?
  • Who or what inspires you?
  • Three lessons you would want listeners to take away?


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Podcast: Rethink the Cost of Cash Distribution

The Rethink the Cost of Cash Distribution podcast series hosts candid conversations with inspiring and innovative speakers. We speak with guests about the costs of cash distribution, challenges with keeping retail bank cash costs low, and innovating thinking around how to lower cash distribution costs for financial institutions. 

In our first episode, we speak with Chris Chandler, CEO of Perativ. 

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  •  Society is not "cashless" but "less-cash", requiring a robust cash distribution network despite smaller volume at each cashpoint/ ATM
  •  Large cash floats to satisfy demand contribute to keeping costs high
  •  Eliminating idle cash in float and enhancing cash data to drive immediate and significant savings  - positioning your retail bank teams for further cash transformation

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Enjoyed the podcast? Have questions about cash distribution optimization or wan't to appear as a guest? Submit your questions/ ideas and we'll turn them into future podcasts!